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Welcome to Generation Change: Empty the Tanks, Inc. We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing ongoing education to the next generation about the dangers of marine mammal captivity and the need to protect our oceans.  Our mission is to work with children primarily from the inner city and give them the ability to learn about ocean conservation and see marine mammals in the wild. We hope to create a child-friendly documentary, an interactive web site, and easily downloadable educational materials that can be provided to these children who traditionally may lack the ability to access information regarding protection of marine mammals and conservation of our oceans. We would like to offer them the ability to attend trips that would allow them real time experience to help them better understand how our oceans and the beautiful mammals that call the ocean home can be affected by simple everyday actions.  We are looking to create a smart phone application that will give daily conservation tips and facts about Marine Mammals.  We want to engage youth by providing them with on-going information that will keep them involved on a long-term basis, as well as help to continue to educate future generations.

Our documentary will show that children have a need for a greater understanding of marine mammals and the importance of protecting the oceans. We will film the children’s reactions as they compare marine mammals in captivity with those in their natural environment.  We will not just be focusing on Orcas or dolphins, but all other marine mammals that suffer in captivity.  In addition, this documentary will endeavor to highlight how if we fail to protect our oceans it will affect not only our climate, but all life on our planet.  The documentary will also feature interviews with scientists, former trainers, naturalists, and cetacean and ocean activists who will help answer the children’s questions along with providing facts about marine mammals and ocean conservation.

As an organization focused on the education of children, we will wholeheartedly refrain from presenting any media images that are intended to shock or disturb the viewer.  It is our position that such depictions are not only inappropriate for younger viewers, but are often quite counterproductive, as they tend to repel the viewer rather than draw them in.  Thus, the opportunity to inform and educate is lost.  This film’s only agenda is to educate and present facts with some help from our future generation.  We hope to raise enough funds through grants and educational funding to distribute this film and all the educational materials free of charge to all organizations that want to spread this message.

We are also thrilled to announce that from July 18, 2016 through July 22, 2016 a group from Generation Change: Empty the Tanks Inc. will be traveling to Superpod 5.  Superpod is an annual gathering on San Juan Island, Washington that is open to the public, and attended by an international group of scientists, filmmakers, authors, journalists, former trainers, naturalists, orca advocates and people who want to see marine mammals in their natural environment.  This gathering combines socializing learning and sharing ideas and actions to help protect marine mammals.  There have been four Superpods to date, all with different themes.  We feel this would be the best time to have this particular group attend, since the theme of Superpod 5 is The Future: honoring the new young leaders of the animal justice movement. This will also allow the documentary to capture footage of cetaceans in their natural environment.  As this group grows, future trips could be possible allowing hands-on training and education.  Together we can help save our oceans, marine mammals, and frankly ourselves.

In conclusion, Generation Change: Empty the Tank, Inc.’s team of concerned young people, parents, educators, social workers, attorneys, musicians, and film makers are ready to heighten people’s awareness of these beautiful and often misunderstood creatures and their ocean environment. If you find our cause a worthy one, please consider donating, becoming a volunteer, or a youth ambassador.

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