Roya Paller, President
Roya PallerRoya Paller is a Social Worker for the City of Philadelphia.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work.  She has worked with inner city children for 20 years and has been a marine mammal and ocean advocate for 10 years. She founded this organization to bring educational opportunities to children who are dedicated to learning about the danger of marine mammal captivity and the need to protect our oceans, but who are not able to readily access specialized information due to lack of school funding and economic hardship.  We want to nourish the passion that these young minds have for ocean science, while providing them with unprecedented hands-on experiences to learn about marine mammals She has witnessed the lack of educational resources regarding this subject matter, and the inability to have enrichment programs in the Philadelphia school system.  Her efforts have already begun with the organization of Generation Change Empty the Tanks, Inc.


Tracy Ovbey, Vice President
Tracy OvbeyTracy Ovbey is the Vice President for Generation Change Empty the Tanks, Inc. Tracy has a Bachelor of Arts in Biology/Environmental studies and an MES in Conservation Biology from the University of Pennsylvania.  She has worked in the environmental field for over 15 years focusing on environmental cleanup and investigation.  Tracy, Previously worked as an environmental educator for elementary school-aged children.  She believes in the importance of educating the next generation of students about their role in the preservation of our vital ocean habitats.


Maryann Amandeo-McLaughlin, Secretary
Maryann McLaughlinMaryann Amandeo-Mclaughlin is the Secretary for Generation Change Empty the Tanks, Inc.  Maryann holds a  Bachelor’s of Science Degree from West Chester University.  She has worked as an Environmental Engineer/Safety Specialist for 28 years and is currently employed by U.S. Vision in Blackwood, N.J.  Maryann has served as the Christina River Cleanup Coordinator at the Newport checkpoint for 14 years, and she believes strongly in the importance of keeping navigable waterways clean, in order to protect marine mammals and our oceans.




Karen Leone, Assistant Secretary/Education Committee Chairperson
Karen LeoneKaren Leone is the assistant secretary and educational chairwoman for Generation Change Empty the Tanks, Inc. Karen holds a Master of Science in Education from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Arts in Pastoral counseling from La Salle University.  She has been an educator for 37 years and has taught children and adults.  Karen is currently the Training Coordinator for The First Judicial District of Pennsylvania, Domestic Relations Division and an instructor at University of Pennsylvania Veterans Upward Bound Program. She has also taught in the Philadelphia Public Elementary School System as well as the Philadelphia Archdiocese Elementary School System.  Karen is dedicated to educating the next generation about the dangers of marine mammal captivity and the preservation of our oceans.


Erik Paller, Treasurer/Technology Committee Chairperson
Erik PallerErik Paller is a Philadelphia Police Detective, working at the Real Time Crime Center as a computer and IT investigative support analysist.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix, and studied finance at Holy Family University.  He has worked as a creative consultant, film director, and film editor for a former local TV show.  He also developed their social media accounts.  Erik has developed several web page accounts for businesses in the Philadelphia area.