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Music by Generation Change Empty the Tanks, Inc.

Ballad of Wanda album coverOn the morning of November 18, 1961,

Marineland team spotted an orca offshore and quickly assembled a crew in an effort to capture the orca.  Although, the orca escaped several times, she was eventually captured.  Exhausted from her efforts to fight off her captors, she was taken into captivity, placed into a 100 x 50 x 19 foot oval tank.

Immediately swimming into the walls of the tank, perhaps trying to flee, she began restlessly circling the borders of her enclosure.

On the second day of her captivity She was dead —

“At 8:30 AM, on 20 November, the whale became violent and after encircling the tank at great speed and striking her body on several occasions,” Marineland staff wrote.  “She finally swam into a flume way, convulsed and expired.”1

Her name was Wanda.

This song is to honor her, Wanda, the first orca ever taken into captivity, and all marine mammals who spend their days in concrete tanks, stolen from our oceans, the reason for life on this planet.

For only $0.99 you can download our song HERE.  All proceeds will go toward educating the next generation about the dangers of marine mammal captivity and the need to protect our oceans.



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